80’s bABY":

a solo show by local artist sp the plug


Being born in 87, I grew up influenced by the sports, music and TV in the early 90s area. A lot of my work is in some way inspired by a favorite movie, song lyric or athlete I admired. Some work is derived from current events or social issues, while others are more nostalgic or serene. This group of work spans from 2016-present day, during my transition into becoming a full time artist. 

about sp the splug

shawn Mitchell Perkins (@sptheplug) is a painter living and working in DC, by way of Detroit. From canvases to large scale murals, his work can be found all throughout the DMV. He has been commissioned for artwork by Southwest Airlines, MGM National Harbor, Revolt TV and some of DC's top restaurants and schools. Recently, he was featured on ABC7 news in recognition of his paint classes hosted in the city. His style is layered, and somewhat contemporary combining [sur]realistic foregrounds against abstract backdrops. He loves to work with both oil and acrylic paint as well as unique mixed media on wood panel and canvas. With the nickname "SP the Plug", Shawn loves to trademark most pieces with an electrical outlet or plug of some sort. It represents how he uses his art to connect with others, and also an acronym for "Painting a Legacy Under God."   



jan 19th - MAR 17TH, 2019

Listen Vision Studios kicks off its Blind Whino residency with the debut of its Hip Hop Museum Pop Up Experience, a showcase of the world’s largest collection of hip hop memorabilia. Collection highlights include the boxing glove from the music video “Mama Said Knock You Out” signed by LL Cool J, the world’s largest collection of hip-hop sneakers, and the chair from Death Row Records.

“Hip-Hop has moved from the streets of the Bronx in the 70’s to every household in the world 40 years later, and that's a fascinating phenomena,” said Jeremy Beaver, Listen Vision Studios Founder and Hip Hop Museum Experience Creator. “By creating the Hip-Hop Museum DC collection, we hope to contribute to the preservation of Hip-Hop history and culture."

balancing act:

A solo show by local artist matt corrado

nov 21st - jan 13TH, 2019

balancing act will showcase a brand new body of work from Corrado, consistent with his signature style: bright color palette, crisp bold lines and pyramid-centric canvases. Sculptural works and immersive installations help round out the show to create an eye-popping and immersive experience for visitors. As Corrado’s largest and most extensive solo exhibit to-date, the exhibit includes over 20 new works on canvas as well as murals and painted objects that fill out the 2,000 square foot space. Limited edition art prints will be available for purchase on opening night., saturday, november 24th at 7pm.


Corrado is most well known for his murals and public art installations throughout the greater Washington, DC area and East Coast. He has previously collaborated on projects with brands including Vans, Nike, Converse, &pizza, Kung Fu Tea, Heineken.

The People’s University:

An exhibition of arts and activism commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Poor People’s Campaign

SEPT 19TH - NOV 4TH, 2018

On view are two interactive installations inspired by the cultural expressions of Resurrection City: DC Public Library’s Soul Tent, where visitors can interact with historic recordings and photos of the Poor People’s Campaign inside a recreation of a Resurrection City tent structure, and The Hunger Wall Poster Project, a wall of posters created by activist artists including Nando Álvarez, Adrienne Gaither, Monolith DC and Justin Poppe along with over 300 residents and library patrons in response to issues of poverty, racism, war and ecological destruction, themes of the 2018 Poor People’s Campaign. Artists Yaya Bey, Adrienne Gaither, Tsedaye Makonnen, and Omolara Williams McCallister continue the project with workshops exploring how women and girls are particularly impacted by these issues today, and a special workshop night for teens on Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 26. The exhibition will culminate with the UNCENSORED Cocktail Party fundraiser for the DC Public Library Foundation on September 28th (Tickets available at https://dcplfoundation.networkforgood.com/events/8034-uncensored-the-cocktail-party-2018)

For more information on the library’s People’s University programming, visit dclibrary.org/1968


An Illustrated History of the Negro Baseball Leagues

july 14th - sept 2nd, 2018

Although the museum thrives in Kansas City, the demand for Negro Leagues history is international.  Thus, the museum has crafted a number of exhibits to take the history beyond its main gallery and explore diverse themes within the story of black baseball. Since 1993, this exhibit has traveled nationally to help bring the rich history of black baseball to hundreds of people outside of Kansas City. Discover Greatness features close to 90-framed photographs showcasing the history of African-American Baseball from the late 1800s-1960s.

The exhibit is divided into 5 sections:
*Pre-1900: The Beginnings of Black Baseball
*1901-1919: The Great Independents
*1920-1931: A League of Their Own
*1932-1946: Heyday
*1947: The Color Line Falls

Le bon voyage:

across the omo valley

JUNE 2nd - JULY 1ST, 2018

Born in Togo, West Africa and raised in Washington, DC, Tabi Bonney follows in the footsteps of his activist-musician father, Togo born Itadi Bonney, who spent his life focused on one singular mission:  to bring the “music” of “home” to the US. As an artist in music, Tabi earns domestic and global radio and TV exposure, and has performed on stages all over the world. As an entrepreneur, Tabi produced and distributed his own fashion line, bonneyrunway, which would lead to collaborations featuring product designs with African fabrics and prints.  As a video director, Tabi works with emerging talent everywhere from Washington DC to LA to Togo. Like his father, in his style and in his work, Tabi finds himself expressing about “home.” Through his portraits on display, Tabi is expressing, for the first time, for East Africa, for Ethiopia, one of the most magical and stunning “homes” he’s ever visited.  

Kelly Fogel is a Los Angeles based photographer focusing on environmental portraits and documentary photography. She recently left a career in the music industry to pursue photography full time. Kelly has been working on a project since 2010, visiting and photographing the most remote villages in Africa.  Her recent focus is the Surma people of the Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia. Surma people consist of three ethnic groups in Ethiopia: the Suri, the Mursi and the Mekan. They are known for their elaborate body paint and impressive lip discs, a sign of beauty and status, particularly for the women. The Surma are semi-nomadic cattle herders who live on the west side of the Omo River, in the southwestern part of the country. This remote area is still underdeveloped and suffers from extreme drought.  The building of dams and the establishment of national parks offer promise, but also have the potential to further jeopardize the livelihood of the Surma. For these reasons, the Surma people are considered a “disappearing tribe.” Their culture and way of life may not survive another 10 years. Bonney and Fogel are using these photographs as a medium to connect and share culture.  Please take a moment to see the Surma people through their eyes, to take in, up close, Surma style, individual personalities, generational traditions, and real connections to the land and to nature. Please take a moment, to be at home with them.


microphone check

may 2nd - may 28th, 2018

"Yo, Microphone Check, One, Two, What is this....." - Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest)

This installation is a celebration to the lyricist often behind the methodical heartbeat of Hip Hop Music. Our featured artist represents a core breed of talented individuals who dedicated hours, days and weeks for the culture. Andrew John Katz is a watercolor artist and educator who lives and works on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He received both his BFA and MAT degrees from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, where he majored in General Fine Arts and Art Education. Inspired by the work of Edward Hopper, Joseph Cornell, Keith Haring, and Nick Bantock, Katz focuses on the visual relationships that straddle realism and abstraction simultaneously. His love of watercolor, its techniques and its versatility, enables him to render crisp and rich subjects while crafting dynamic compositions. 

Photo by Andy Feliciotti

In Bloom: A Photographic Celebration of the National Cherry Blossom Festival

MARCH 21ST - APRIL 29TH, 2018

Every year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival ushers in spring by commemorating the 1912 gift of 3,000 cherry blossom trees from Japan to the United States of America. The festival celebrates the enduring friendship and close relationship between our two countries with a diverse and creative program which promotes traditional and contemporary arts and culture, natural beauty, and community.

Blind Whino & IGDC are thrilled to showcase this celebration through the incredible work of local photographers. Each year, the IGDC community tirelessly documents the blossoms and events happening around Washington, DC and shares those images with the world through social media (@igdc). Please join us as we explore the beauty of the blossoms and vibrant festival displays with a juried photo show during the 2018 Cherry Blossom Festival

THE Quadrant collection (Sold out)

The Museum & Blind Whino SW Arts Club presents the Quadrant Collection for Black History Month celebrating past iconic figures who were born and raised in all four quadrants and a special honor to our current Mayor Muriel Bowser who is running for her 2nd term in office.

With every shirt that sells, The Museum & Blind Whino SW Arts Club will match the sale and donate the amount to a non-profit organization in the respective quadrant.


february 3RD - March 11th, 2018

This is tomorrow. This is the Future, and while we appreciate the foundation on which we were built; we’re at the future. Thank you Thank You to the 4 M’s: Marcus, Malcom, Martin, and Momma. Thank you everyone. Now lets look in the mirror towards the future.

This is the Kwanzaa of Present, enjoying the benefit of Umoja (Unity), Nia (Purpose), and Kuumba (Creativity). #BlackFutures pays it forward: all the ebb and flow of Black History, the humility and smiles, the love, and the faith that we will use our tools for betterment. The mission of this exhibition is to shed hope on what’s to come. We see our heroes and sheroes in our daily lives. In entertainment, civic engagement, our children, and in ourselves. Be inspired, and be the change you want to see!- Thanks Ghandi!


NOVEMBER 9th - DECEMBER 17th, 2017

In partnership with Blind Whino SW Arts Club and with support from The Pink Line Project, IGDC’s first show will highlight the photography of local artists. Our community of photographers show the best sides of the DMV every day through #igdc and we are excited to share those images that represent our cities, neighborhoods, people and institutions with you.

This show is made possible by the tremendous work of our IGDC community and from the support of mpix.com photo lab and Meredith Freedom Forte, @framemastermer.


October 5th - november 4th, 2017 

The inaugural Superfierce exhibition will run through November 4 featuring 30+ nationally- and locally-known female artists, photographers and sculptors including Anne MarchandAshley LongshoreCaitlyn Teal PriceDominique FierroJulie WolfeLana GomezMaggie O’NeillMaryanne Pollock and more.

The month-long interactive exhibit will officially kickoff with an Opening Salon Party on October 5 at the show’s host site, Blind Whino. The event will help fund five mentorship programs between prominent and up-and-coming artists to further opportunities for women in the arts. Tickets can be purchased at www.superfierce.org.

Founded by local artist Maggie O’Neill, Superfierce is a movement within the art industry aimed at creating a foundation of support, connectivity and resources for female artists. 

In Cabaret we trust


In Cabaret We Trust is a fully-immersive theatre experience that begins as soon as the audience arrives. It is set within the walls of the 15,000+ sq. ft. desanctified church, Blind Whino. This immersive production will highlight not only the acts on the main stage, but also the tangled web of stories just below the surface. Drawing on influences from the Weimar Republic erathe production explores themes of power and control, as well as resistance and artistic spirit. Artistic director Strother Gaines says, “In my research following the 2016 election, I started seeing parallel storylines between the Weimar Republic and the previous 8 years here in DC. Back then, as the pendulum swung back to a fascist regime, we lost the cultural progress of the early Weimar Republic. It makes us nervous to see the increasingly similar parallels to today’s political landscape.”


JULY 12TH - AUG 6TH 2017

Summer School is now in session & open 7 days a week from 12p-5p until Sunday, August 6th!! Come out & reflect back on your memorable moments from elementary through high school & college!!

Write those thoughts out on our walls, show some school spirit, sign your name like your signing our yearbook and lets enjoy the Summer School project! 


mAY 2017

The idea of Small Steps are Giant Leaps came to Astronaut Harrison's Dad while riding the bus with his 4 year old son, what was a normal everyday event to him had his son completely transfixed. Seeing that look of amazement on his face, at something so common place, really struck him. In that moment he realized that his son is an explorer and the everyday world that we take for granted to him is an amazing place filled with new sights and experiences.  He knew in that moment that he wanted to somehow document his son's journey of exploration.

18th months, 3 spacesuits, 2 helmets, and more than 50 photo shoots later, Astronaut Harrison's Dad is so proud of his little astronaut. Astronaut Harrison really enjoyed working on the project and used the experience to help him get over several childhood fears. They shot everywhere from the museum to the city pool and have traveled from dusty country roads, to the Florida Space coast and right here in Washington, D.C. They've had great support from people inviting them to photograph in movie theaters, old school barber shops, expensive hotel rooms, and, back where it all began, on the city bus.

We hope these images will help be a reminder for you to take a moment and make a new discovery or explore a little bit more of your world, every single day.

NIKE A.I.R. (Artist in residency)

APRIL 2017

After celebrating the iconic Air Max shoe on its 30th birthday, also known as #AirMaxDay on 03.26, we partnered with the brand to bring a special Nike A.I.R. (Artist in Residency) Installation featuring original local artwork from: @withlovemelissa // @blackcements // @zoe.illustration // @mattcorradoart // @superwaxx // @rob_zilla_iii 


MARCH 2017

What images come to mind when you think of Washington, D.C.? How does media representation of the District compare with the everyday experiences of youth in the District?

“Everyday DC,” a photography exhibition on view at the Southwest Arts Club in Washington D.C., from March 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017, explores these questions by visualizing daily life in Washington, D.C., through the eyes of over 100 sixth, seventh and eighth grade students from eight DC public middle schools that represent all four quadrants of the city. "Everyday DC" is the culmination of a multi-week photojournalism unit designed by the visual arts department at DC Public Schools (DCPS), DCPS visual arts educators and the Pulitzer Center. The unit, which is inspired by the Everyday Africa project from journalists Peter DiCampo and Austin Merrill and is supported by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, was developed to align with the National Core Arts standards and the visual arts standards developed by DCPS.

zulu love - The art of melissa mitchell


Melissa Mitchell is an Atlanta based abstract artist, with a love of vibrant colors, unique shapes, and bold dark lines. As a self -taught artist, she pulls inspiration from her Bahamian heritage, melodic tunes, and the colorful world around her. Since February 2014, she has created over 350 original art pieces, painted over 25 larger than life murals, been featured in the media and has work sold in stores. She has also turned her favorite paintings into unique headwraps, pocket squares, socks, bow ties, home decor, and specialty textiles. She specializes in working with clients, to create one-of-a-kind pieces for homes, offices, and other personal spaces. She aims to create pieces that evoke emotion, to serve as a “light source”, speak to the soul, but above all inspire people to follow their passions and cultivate their dreams. She is known as the “Kaleidoscope of Hope”, because she brings joy through her use of colors. Anyone that experiences something she has created will find comfort in knowing that there is nothing else like it in the world. 

Melissa says, “art is like love, you make it what you want and it makes you feel things you can’t always describe; you’re left to just relish in the beauty of it. Art has single-handedly changed my life and the way I live it”. She is currently working on expanding her brand globally and developing significant artistic collaborations with other artists, corporations, major fashion houses and brands.